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Thomas Halle:
Montreal-based part-time epicure, seriously occasional photographer, freelance visual effects artist and international man of procrastination.

This Tumblr here is my happy place of eternal ramblings, brain dump, inspirations, boobies, cats, pizza, all-purpose randomness and other reality-escaping shits, but still mainly nudity... But I do post some of my work here too.

I also made another Tumblr featuring exclusively my personal nude and portraits photography if you're interested.

I'm the admin/creator of Release The Crackwhore

Can also be found lurking over those places:

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sup: the deleted scene

Reblogging because just as I pressed play, I had Ice-T in another tab during the Lemmy documentary. Sheer coincidence. Fuck the police, fuck everything. Rock and roll. Lemmy is the ultimate nigga, he saw The Beatles before they even had an album out, sold drugs to Jimmy Hendrix, and then inspired the most inspirational punk and early heavy metal bands that came out. And he’s as old as my dad. Respect, mah niggah.

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April 14, 2012, 1:19am