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Thomas Halle:
Montreal-based part-time epicure, seriously occasional photographer, freelance visual effects artist and international man of procrastination.

This Tumblr here is my happy place/brain dump of ramblings, inspirations, boobies, cats, gore, pizza, all-purpose randomness and other reality-escaping shits, but still, mainly nudity and cats... I do post some of my actual work here too.

I also made another Tumblr featuring exclusively my personal nude and portraits photography if you're interested.

I'm the admin/creator of Release The Crackwhore

Can also be found lurking over those places:

Ask me then.

(Unless it's tagged as mine, I am not the author of all the other stuff. Copyrights belong to the original author, obviously. I link to original post or creator whenever possible.)
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April 18, 2012, 12:51pm